by Blaze Ygg

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songs about earth critters


released February 8, 2017

"dwellers" is a collection of musical recordings realized by blaze y. with support from ryan e. and katie t.




Blaze Ygg Orlando, Florida

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Track Name: Junk Drawer
nothing. no. no reason.
Track Name: Weird Kid
asymmetrical hair hints at despair
Track Name: Crux
slosh is what the stuff in my gut does. this acid coats my very marrow. burst the cyst hidden under the skin. witness a trillion little bugs huddle up close. i feel so low. i can't talk for the stones i swallow nor for the oceans i'm right now wallowing in. memories morphed. shape shifted entities. i chase and eat the same demon. i feel i could let it go.
Track Name: Inner Ear Heart Eater
no eye contact is crucial.
Track Name: Sickhome
underwears and hairs and other things i shed and left on the floor of our room giving us good fortune. bring us luck. i'm turned upside down. suspended above ground. tell all your little inspectors they won't find no errors. i'm perfect but i don't put out. bending spoon to form bone. who would've known? blood warming the chrome here in my sickhome. this sickness is a phantom rabbit's limb. i'm booking a trip to comatose.
Track Name: Song for Slime Eel
i slept for ten days under ocean floor. i guess i was happy to be alive again. i waited all year for you to return and i wondered if you were okay or not. my body is heavy. dense. teeth on my tongue. i don't know how i got this way. i slime and slime and slime. burrow into dead things. these are just the rules they say. you left in my sleep tired of my talking of all that we could have been instead.
Track Name: Hollow Ocean World
i don't know what i am but i'm glad to be here and i consider you my friend after all the nights we spent caving in. wasting all my time on you. i'd waste it all again. the fish in these waters never falter. they swim with the current. unscathed. undeterred. no disturbance. i scream and i holler but why bother? after all, i'm not studied in matters of oceanography. wasting all your time on me. it truly is an honor. i holler and i scream but you've stopped listening. i'm still searching vainly for the proper techniques. wasting all my time wasting all your time wasting all my time. how many things do you think are swimming in the ocean?
Track Name: Room Innate (Tohopekaliga)
my hands got cut up
Track Name: Blood Work
crawl out of my feelings
Track Name: Aversion
the edge of our incessantly deflating air mattress
Track Name: Invasive Karen
my body is so unsightly
Track Name: Starving Time
i coughed up one thousand dollars to get locked up in your coffin (or at least it was a replica to scale)
Track Name: Eskalith Lithobid
KISS urn